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nDatalign provides clarity and transparency around the consumption, validation and integration of data
ETL From Any Source

ETL made simple and intuitive with built in iteration controls with standardized implementation and integration.

Data Quality

Data Cleansing, Validation and Governance in one washing machine. Your mother would be proud. Intuitive controls to put the results that you expect in your hands.

To any Target

Machine to machine, table to file, pull to push: nDatalign provides the flexibility to source data from anywhere and land it where you want it.

Data Visibility

nDatalign adapts to the unexpected demands and quick decisions that drive your operations. Active real-time data visibility, historical persistence and trending – Metadata for your downstream analytics backed by supportive data governance and progressive learning.

Real Transformation - Built In Data Quality

About ndatalign

"The most simplistic, yet comprehensive, ETL tool on the market"

Just a few years ago, data integration was a relatively manageable job and not unlike a simple equation: you bring in the team, map your requirements, build your interfaces, test, deploy, and depart. The results?

Your integration project was complete and everyone was relatively happy. While historical data integration projects had their fair share of painful execution, they were still manageable with a definitive beginning and end, usually at the tail end of an ERP implementation or a merger.

But in today's Big Data world, Data has taken front stage. Data has become your most valuable business asset. Without good data, you just can't run your business optimally. And there is so much more data than there ever used to be - more interfaces, more formats, more sources and targets than ever. To further complicate things, the data itself is very dynamic and often unreliable.

The old process of map-build-test-deploy-break-fix is no longer sustainable. Typical integration software and those expensive, highly trained technical teams who support those tools are struggling to keep up. Planning out all of your what-if data quality rules in advance is too labor intensive and frankly futile -- the data can be just too volatile.

The bottom line: Today's data integration is no longer a project - it's a continuous interactive process. And if something goes wrong with that data? Well, the consequences can be downright career-altering, if you know what we mean.

It is from that frustration that nDatalign was conceived -- by warriors toiling in the hot seat of data integration and management.

nDatalign is easy to learn -- it doesn't require years of training or even months - just days for your typical DBA to master. That means no expensive consulting teams to hire and house.
nDatalign is quick to get started-- It installs quickly and efficiently -- so no more waiting and paying for complex system configuration.
nDatalign is scalable -- it's built to process millions of records a minute from multitudes of sources.
nDatalign is versatile -- one single tool for ETL, Data Quality, Monitoring and Issue handling.
nDatalign is always learning -- with its constant profiling and monitoring, nDatalign learns more about your data patterns every day. It can spot trouble you never even anticipated or crafted a data quality rule for -- knowing that will help you sleep better at night.

So as you are sourcing your next ETL or integration project, consider nDatalign with its versatility, fast implementation and low total cost of ownership. Like you've probably learned from your home appliances -- more fancy features and buttons doesn't necessarily mean it does a better job or that you can even get it to work as expected. With nDatalign, the robust features are located on the inside, and the user-interface is simple, understandable and comprehensive.

  • Real Time ETL

    'Watcher on the Wall' active ETL

  • Data Cleansing | Data Quality

    Garbage in Quality out. Easy to manage controls

  • Data History

    Complete auditability, captured and documented automatically

  • Know-it-all notifications

    Stopping bad data from polluting your downstream databases and data lakes


Government and Health Care - Financial, Laboratory and Transactional

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